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We've moved!

Riddic1411, Jul 8, 12 9:09 AM.
We have moves site, we are now hosted by Enjin, heas to to see us!


Tatooine is ours!

Riddic1411, May 5, 12 5:42 PM.
The Empire has successfully captured Tatooine and has forced all Republic worms off the planet with help from Darth Thyrus and co. Congratulations Legio! Job well done!

"We are Legio Tempestus, a small organisation who works with, but will not take orders from, the Dark Council, we only take our orders from The Emperor himself." - Taarkus (Guild Master)

We are a small guild that is still recruiting members before we start our guilds proper storyline, at the moment we are doing regular RP events to establish our Lore and such. When we are up and running we will hold regular, larger events (most likely doing PVP and small groups going on differing FlashPoints) but most will NOT be mandatory.

  • We are a very friendly and mature RP guild and welcome anyone who has had previous experience in a RP guild.
  • We are stationed on [The Progenitor] Realm. 
  • Until guild ships are implemented in the game - we are mainly based in Drumond Kass.
  • We are a very active guild with RP sessions almost every other night - But as stated, they are not mandatory.
  • As much as we would like members to be of a mature nature, we would prefer it if any new members had a sense of humour - This is because the level of maturity in our guild chat can be next to naught at some points.


If you wish to join the Legio, i request you contact me via in-game mail (all in-game applications should be sent to "Shiro"). Applications can be in or out of character, but i would prefer it to be OUT OF CHARACTER.

You may use the below to apply on this forum, or copy and paste into a message in-game.
Application Form:

Full name:
Advanced Class:
Small Bio:
Anything we should know about YOU:


Full name: Shiro Ayano
Advanced Class: Sniper [Imperial Agent]
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Characteristics: Cocky and arrogant around friends. If superiors are nearby she will be calm, collected and very obedient.
Small Bio: Shiro can't remember much of her past. She learned to block out memories but in doing this, blocked out her past too. The last thing she remembers is getting onto Hutta and beginning her training as a Imperial Agent. After Taarkus heard of her skills as a Sniper, she was invited into the Legio Tempestus.
Anything we should know about YOU: I have been Role-playing on Many games, MMOs and on forums for about 3-4 years now. I will be on-line a lot But my short attention span means that if we don't do anything, i will log off and come back on later. 

I realize that is alot to send in-game. If you need to, contact us through this site or my own e-mail, with Subject: Legio Tempestus
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